Welcome to Wholesome Solutions

Wholesome Solutions LLC is a marketing research consultancy for high-tech/information technology/software companies providing consumer insight for business development, product development and marketing strategy development.

Our mission is to help clients understand the consumer thoroughly before they approach them with products and services, thereby helping them gain expected results.

We help you answer the following questions:

Do you really know who your customer is?

What motivates your customer?

What other options customer has?

What is the customer purchase journey specifically when it comes to your product category?

Which are your highest potential and easiest markets?

Having the right answers to these questions could uncover high profit, greatest impact areas in your business!

Market research projects are customized as per your business needs and can be secondary, qualitative, quantitative, interviews and ethnographic studies. Such decisions make the most of your marketing investment since the execution is highly targeted and the most favorable outcome is expected.

Wholesome Solutions also has an expertise in researching sales promotion strategies. Today, educating the customer is key to making them aware of the benefits of your product. The customers are ready to pay the premium if they are willing to see the value in the product – be it a high-tech product or a consumer goods product.

As mentioned in The Cluetrain Manifesto,

“Markets are getting smarter—and getting smarter faster than most companies.”

Thinking of re-evaluating your marketing plan to better suit today’s modern and changing landscape?  Wholesome Solutions can help. Contact us today!