Advertising Spend and Effectiveness for 2015 – An Overview

This is an exciting time to be in marketing. There is a shift happening in the way organizations are reaching out to their customers, and the audience too is now, more than ever, eager to see and interact with the real company.

According to emarketer,  advertisers will spend nearly $600 billion in 2015, an increase of 6% overall over 2014.  Not surprisingly, mobile advertising is the key driver of the growth.  It accounts for $64 billion with a whopping increase of nearly 60% over the previous year. This massive jump in the mobile ad spending is mainly due to faster than expected growth in China’s mobile ad market.

By 2017, digital share of total advertising will reach 33.5%. Out of that 33.5%, 50% will comprise of mobile advertising.

However, now comes the main point – Advertising Effectiveness.

As per Naresh K. Malhotra, author of Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation,

“Assessing advertising effectiveness means to determine whether advertising has been successful in achieving the desired brand positioning.”

Based on the numbers, TV still remains the cost-effective medium of choice for large organizations, especially in emerging markets.

However, there is a growing trust among marketers in digital channels. 47% plan to increase their inbound marketing budget this year compared to previous year, compared to 11% who plan to decrease it.

In terms of ROI,

31% of marketers surveyed reported that Mobile Marketing does generate some to significant ROI.


Also, 64% of marketers believed social media marketing as a critical enabler of products and services.


With proliferation of video channels, Marketers are now diving deep into digital marketing and there is a growing interest in behavioral targeting and video advertising. Mobile Applications, Marketing Analytics and CRM tools are the three most critical technologies marketers are planning to invest in 2015.

Concluding, GroupM Global President, Dominic Proctor, says it the best:

“We believe this increase in demand for new uses of media substantially elevates the available level of learning and creativity, and will benefit the entire marketplace in the long-term.”

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4 thoughts on “Advertising Spend and Effectiveness for 2015 – An Overview”

  1. while TV may be the most cost effective for B2C, digital marketing works for both B2C and B2B !

    The numbers on mobile are amazing and will be interesting to see what happens in that space 🙂

    1. I agree, Ankita. You can be the most creative when it comes to digital marketing, with a continuous dialogue with the customer – rather than the standard one -way 30 second ad on TV.
      Mobile marketing is very new but very exciting since you can combine marketing with information such as the GPS location of the customer. Possibilities are endless…

  2. Dear Bhavita
    here are some of the Inputs which you may write on in your future blogs.
    Dada Bgagwan has said
    Bhogwe ani bhool.Eg If you lose some money you suffer but the person who finds it is a very happy guy to have money free.
    To be a leader here are some points.
    1.You cannot start from an area where you say something is wrong.To move ahead you have to start with a clean slate to move forward.
    2,.If you have any issues with any body you must clear yourself from that person before you go to address a seminar.Few things like work at home or picking up your daughter or cooking for your family etc.
    So you sit with that person and resolve your issues before you go to lead a seminar where you will be empowering the audience.
    3.Whenever you say or do something if that event or thought or idea happens you get power out of it.Try it in your day to day work and she how confident you will feel at the end of the day.
    4. I do not have to tell you about Planning I am sure you plan your work scrupulously.
    5.Etiquitte for returning calls or messages also in your to do list.
    6.If you are successful in providing solutions in your personal life then wholesome solutions should have a turnover of a Million dollars before the end of the year.
    Best of luck

    1. Wow, Pratap Uncle, that is a great list! Each point is worth studying in detail. I really thank you for having so much faith in this new business. Please keep your blessings and feedback coming!

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