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August Theme Reveal

Hi Everyone! This time I am glad I am not beginning my blog with the – “Its been long that I have blogged” statement. That is because I did blog in July on Small and Medium Businesses. Though there weren’t as many blogs as I would have liked, still four a month is better than none! Right?

Choosing a theme helped and it really does narrow down the scope of topics for me, in a good way.

So the theme for August is…Women as portrayed in Advertising. I am excited about this theme because the way women have been portrayed in media has changed over the years and they differ so much by country too.

Watching advertisements in India is so much different than watching them in the USA, especially when it comes to women and their roles – complete from how they look and act to what they are shown doing. There is a difference in the way women are targeted in different countries and I am looking forward to exploring the topic in the upcoming posts.

Stay tuned folks…!


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