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Founder and Manager of Wholesome Solutions LLC. Wholesome Solutions LLC provides market research and new media marketing services.

Books We Love: Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Purple Cow is my first experience with reading Seth Godin’s books. He sold me on his book as a modern marketer himself. Being in the marketing profession, I started following him on Facebook. I was so impressed by his articles that I decided to try out his book. I have to say this is one of the best books on modern marketing I have come across. In this book, he truly breaks down what it means to be a marketer.  He understands the new consumer…

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Best marketing practices for B2B companies

While social media is a great marketing strategy for B2C companies, it is quite a challenge these days for B2B businesses to market their product. While B2C businesses have alternatives of creating displays and prints as well as make the best of their digital user experience, B2B businesses have a huge challenge of creating awareness. They do not produce the end product that the end consumer recognizes, yet they need to have their own buyers ordering for more. In this scenario, the two best ways to increase sales…

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Social Media: Use it but get it right!

In this day and age, marketing via social media is considered a priority. Social Media is a very valid strategy and the advantages are many: In fact, it is the only strategy that is not only cost effective but also the fastest. Within seconds, you can reach millions of fans/customers. You can generate awareness, spread a message, create promotions, help customers all resulting in increased brand value, sales generation and customer retention. However, where it goes really wrong is in the execution. Most accounts eventually…

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