Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Interview – A Must Read!

Blogger content about Beauty and Lifestyle is in much demand right now. These bloggers (and vloggers) are very influential in their community with very loyal subscribers!

A very close friend of mine, Ankita, is a working professional with a full-time job and is beauty blogger. Being a mom too, she wears many hats successfully and has, through her hard-work, generated respect of her peers and loyal followers of her blog. I interviewed her about blogging and following is the excerpt. Enjoy!


Ankita, I am a regular reader of your blog, and I read your blogs not just because we happen to be long-time friends (15+ years! We met when we started electronics engineering studies in Mumbai, India), but I genuinely enjoy your write-ups. They are refreshing and provide me with fresh perspectives and tips on managing self, career and home. I have always wanted to ask you some questions, so here goes…!

  • When did you start blogging and how did you start?

    I started blogging on 30th November 2004. It was a momentary decision. A guy from my trainee circle shared a link with everyone in the group. I read his blog post and was hooked. Within the next 30 minutes, my blog was up and I had begun writing a story.

  • How often do you blog?

    It varies depending upon the time I have. Recently I started to blog once daily. I keep that up if my work and family commitments allow me to. I have gone months without posts in the past and I am sure my blog felt bad and sulked, but I always went back to it when I needed an outlet!

  • Where do you find inspiration for your blog topics?

    Mostly from my everyday life. Talking to my daughter or husband or a discussion with friends. Sometimes my travelling and photography. My love for makeup and learning about it. At other times, I close my eyes, dig into my makeup stash and write a review about whatever product comes out! Sometimes, I do have a blogger’s block. In those times, I look at writing prompts, photography prompts or blogging contests. Something usually clicks.

  • How do you share your blog? I understand you are quite active in the blogger community. I do remember seeing some pictures of a meet-up…

    I love blogger meets! They are such great places to make new friends. Over time, you visit the blogs that you like and interact with people over social media. The regulars become your friends. Coming back to your question, I use the usual social media channels for sharing my blog. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Am more active on Twitter than any of these though.

  • You also follow many beauty bloggers. Do you think, these days you get most of your make-up/grooming tips from fellow bloggers as opposed to fashion magazines?

    Yes. I have never ever related to fashion magazines. I found that most of the content there was editorial. Not to mention insanely expensive! I mean, there are only so many Zara skirts and Tom Ford lipsticks an average person could afford. Blogs make me feel that the person writing is just another person like me and I would believe a blog much more than a magazine. There a tonnes of blogs on every conceivable topic these days and everything I need to know is there.

  • Do you analyse the traffic on your blog? Do you see a steady rise over the years?

    I have started doing that only recently. Traffic is directly proportional to activity. When I don’t post regularly, traffic falls!

  • How do you envision your blog few years from now? I see you have recently expanded into lifestyle topics too?

    My blog has always been an outlet of my thoughts. It will continue to be a showcase for that. I look at posting more regularly, maybe get a few friends to guest blog. Mostly, it will be my stories, my musings, my photos and not to mention beauty and makeup related stuff!

  • Last but not the least, what advise would you give someone who wants to start a blog?

    Go ahead and do it! Be prepared to giving it a fair amount of time and energy though. It is a great hobby to take up but one needs to be consistent.

Thanks a lot for your time, Ankita!

Check out her blog – Lifestyle of a Professional and sign-up on her website to stay updated on latest blog posts!

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