Books We Love: Purple Cow by Seth Godin

purple cowPurple Cow is my first experience with reading Seth Godin’s books. He sold me on his book as a modern marketer himself. Being in the marketing profession, I started following him on Facebook. I was so impressed by his articles that I decided to try out his book.

I have to say this is one of the best books on modern marketing I have come across. In this book, he truly breaks down what it means to be a marketer.  He understands the new consumer behavior and provides easy explanations on how to make the most of it. He explains very clearly that in these times, the product you create is your best marketing tool. If your product is truly remarkable, it does not matter how small the target market is initially. Customers will come and they will spread the word. That kind of product is a “purple cow” product.

The book is filled with many practical and real-life examples. On the theoretical side, the explanations are small, precise and easy to read. His explanation of Moore’s Adoption Lifecycle is as passionate as an art expert’s explanation of his favorite art. Overall a fantastic book and a must read for a modern marketer.

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