Brands we love: GEICO

Brands we loveEveryone has their favorite brand, one they feel loyal to and connected with. One of the major reasons a brand is popular with a person is the consistency factor. Every time the person looks for that feature/capability in the brand, he finds it and hence becomes a favorite. The brand then comes to the mind first when that feature or capability is mentioned.

There are many articles/research papers on the marketing strategy of Geico. Starting from the gecko as the mascot to it’s comedic videos, Geico does a great job of engaging with it’s customers through humor.

However, the biggest reason Geico is my favorite brand is that they “walk the talk”. Their tag line “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” is not just a tag line, but it is how they basically operate. More often than not, call them and in 15 mins you do save 15% or more! This, in my opinion, is the biggest asset of a brand – being able to deliver on it’s promises.

Another reason Geico is my favorite brand is that after speaking with the specialist on the phone, we received a hand-written thank you note from him. How many companies these days have their associates send a hand-written thank you note? So – it was their way of saying – even though the interaction with the brand is over, the relationship has continued.

Small things working together make a brand/company stand apart and memorable in the mind of the consumer.

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2 thoughts on “Brands we love: GEICO”

  1. My favorite brand is Google the way they try to continuously evolve is inspirational. Big companies hardly ever evolve and hence fail to remain pertinent.
    Another brand that I admire is Tata group. These guys have a presence in all things from salt to steel. And have succeeded in most.

    @wholesomesolutions how important would you rate having a diversified portfolio and being able to evolve for a brand.

    Great article by the way, very thought provoking. Makes you think why you really like the brand.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Rushabh.
    In my opinion, diversification is important for companies to survive. However, you have to be careful with branding when diversifying. For example, GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy are owned by the same company, however, they are branded differently since they cater to different market segments. Thus diversifying is important, however its important to be cautious with branding them under the same umbrella.

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