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Market Research Resources for Small and Medium Business Owners

Online Market Research Resources

Apart from research resources at the local public library, small and medium business owners should really leverage the greatest resource at their fingertips – the world wide web. There are several online research tools that provide a snapshot of your businesses versus the current market situation. I use the following tools on a consistent basis: 1. For businesses in the USA, the most basic resource for business analysis and research is “Sizeup”: Once you enter your business category and area code, it provides a list…

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Reflections – AtoZ Challenge

During the month of April, I blogged everyday except Sunday. It was part of a challenge called “AtoZ Challenge”. You can read all about the challenge here. It was a daunting task for me since I blog about marketing and picking topics everyday from the marketing field was the most challenging part. It really helped when one day, I sat and wrote down all the alphabets in one column and possible marketing blog topic ideas in the other column. Everyday after that, I just had to…

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What is Watson Analytics?

Did you see the recent commercial of IBM’s Watson Analytics? Yes, it’s the same Watson Intelligence software that beat Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in Jeopardy in 2011! IBM made available Watson Analytics to the end user around Dec 2014.  The two key points about IBM Watson Analytics is that it is: Data Analytics and Reporting software in the cloud Based on the “Freemium” model The key capability of Watson Analytics is that it has an ability to understand language and hence a complex technical query is…

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Reporting Softwares – Need your input!

There are hundreds of analysis and reporting softwares out there. Which one do you use in your business or company? The following are the ones I am aware of and have either used in the past or am using currently. Excel (and others in the Microsoft Office suite) Crystal Reports SQL server reporting Oracle Reports Survey Monkey SPSS Tableau BI (Have frequently heard of my friends in Business Intelligence use it) Each of these is a subject of study in its own and I won’t…

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