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User Experience in Mobile Phones

User experience (UX) is a very critical area when it comes to everyone’s favorite device these days – the mobile phones. Apple has certainly laid down a benchmark for exceptional user experience and Android devices are now are trying to match the UX and are providing equally competitive phones. User experience in basic terms is defined as overall experience of the user using the end product. Cnet has expertise in reviewing phones and provided a few years ago a great article on the essential elements along which…

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Top 3 marketing lessons: Indian Elections 2014

India recently had its general elections and the results were declared on 16th May 2014. On that day, India marked a moment in history. The winning party, led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) not only had a sweeping victory, but the win was also significant because this is for the second time in Independent India that an opposition party has come to power in such a manner, the earlier being the 1977 elections which was held after the infamous Emergency era that brought Janata Party…

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