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ZATZ-it! – Can you guess who said it?

Book lovers and parents can probably tell who he is! Of course, as always, the banner provides the clue – or should I say the answer? Yes, this person is Dr. Seuss! ZATZ is the word he used when he wrote on innovation and it goes like this… And ZATZ is the letter I use to spell ZATZ-it Whose nose is so high that ‘most nobody pats it… So, to get there and do it, I built an invention: The Three-Seater Zatz-it Nose-Patting Extension -On Beyond…

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X-Cultural work places

Having worked in a corporate setting in both India and the USA with end users in many South Asian countries, I have noticed a number of cultural differences. While it is challenging to adapt to a culture when you are trying to work (and collaborate) on a project, it is also fun. You learn a lot about different cultures and once you understand the subtle differences, it should be relatively easy working with people from different countries. Andy Molinsky, author of Global Dexterity, states that there are…

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Communication Maestro – Can you guess who?

This communication genius has inspired me a lot in my marketing career. It is people like him that make marketing so much fun for me. Can you guess who he might be? Clue No. 1 – The banner of this post – New York City Clue No.2 – The heart sign ♥ Yes, the mastermind behind the “I ♥ NY” campaign! It was 2012 when I visited NYC. I loved the hustle and bustle of the city and it reminded me of my own hometown – Mumbai, India.…

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