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X-Cultural work places

Having worked in a corporate setting in both India and the USA with end users in many South Asian countries, I have noticed a number of cultural differences. While it is challenging to adapt to a culture when you are trying to work (and collaborate) on a project, it is also fun. You learn a lot about different cultures and once you understand the subtle differences, it should be relatively easy working with people from different countries. Andy Molinsky, author of Global Dexterity, states that there are…

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Follow-up, Feedback and Customer Service – The Changing Landscape

A recent news made me choose the topic for today.  The news was that via Twitter, a customer asked a taxi service, Ola Cabs, to be able to chose the religion of the driver. Ola Cabs rightly replied on Twitter saying that they do not discriminate against their drivers on the basis of their religion. This response gained very high visibility in the Twitter world and received lot of positive appreciation. This exchange shows how alert the companies are becoming about how they respond to the customer and undertake all efforts to…

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