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Tumblr – Learn something new today!

How many times we hear the statement, “Learn something new!”. Well, my blog post for you today will help you check off that item in the list. So, here is how Tumblr works… Tumblr is a blogging site with the social connection aspect in mind. While wordpress is a great hosting site for the blogs, Tumblr provides the added “connections”, “following” part. Signing up is very easy and then you can customize the appearance of your site. My site looks like this: After you create…

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Landing Pages

When talking about digital marketing strategy, one of the best tools at our disposal are the landing pages. There are basically two types of landing pages: Product Description/Transactional This type of page gives you detailed description of the product you are trying to know about. Once you are satisfied with your knowledge, you can anytime click the “purchase/shopping cart” button. Now when you click this button, there are more chances of you going through the purchase than before. That is the reason, a product description…

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