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My Favorite Productivity Tools For Business Owners

My Top 5 Favorite Productivity Tools

When you are an owner of a small business, there is always so much to do! Following are my top five favorite productivity tools that help me increase (or improve) the number of tasks I am able to conquer in a day. 1. Routine I love to-do lists. But long to-do lists are overwhelming sometimes. It helps when you have a routine set. A routine reduces the decisions you have to make in a day and leaves you with more energy to accomplish important tasks. It will take some…

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Healthy Habits – #GimmeFive

This post is dedicated to celebrating the fifth anniversary of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s move!” initiative. In order to celebrate five years of Let’s Move, she has urged everyone to incorporate five new healthy habits into daily routine. My contribution to #GimmeFive is the list of five things I do to stay healthy: Drink lots of water Walk whenever possible Play with my daughter Run Try to eat more fruits and veggies It is hard sticking to a routine, but if the President and the First…

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