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Market Research Resources for Small and Medium Business Owners

Online Market Research Resources

Apart from research resources at the local public library, small and medium business owners should really leverage the greatest resource at their fingertips – the world wide web. There are several online research tools that provide a snapshot of your businesses versus the current market situation. I use the following tools on a consistent basis: 1. For businesses in the USA, the most basic resource for business analysis and research is “Sizeup”: Once you enter your business category and area code, it provides a list…

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Reflections – AtoZ Challenge

During the month of April, I blogged everyday except Sunday. It was part of a challenge called “AtoZ Challenge”. You can read all about the challenge here. It was a daunting task for me since I blog about marketing and picking topics everyday from the marketing field was the most challenging part. It really helped when one day, I sat and wrote down all the alphabets in one column and possible marketing blog topic ideas in the other column. Everyday after that, I just had to…

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Reporting Softwares – Need your input!

There are hundreds of analysis and reporting softwares out there. Which one do you use in your business or company? The following are the ones I am aware of and have either used in the past or am using currently. Excel (and others in the Microsoft Office suite) Crystal Reports SQL server reporting Oracle Reports Survey Monkey SPSS Tableau BI (Have frequently heard of my friends in Business Intelligence use it) Each of these is a subject of study in its own and I won’t…

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Qualitative Analysis vs Quantitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis generally consists of a study of a research problem the client is facing. The data is limited and as the name suggests more “qualitative”. The research is generally exploring the why and how of the problem at hand. Quantitative Analysis, on the other hand, consists of studying a statistically significant data and coming to a conclusion on the specific answers to the questions. One would generally assume that since quantitative analysis deals with huge amounts of data, it is superior than qualitative study.…

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MROI – A marketing manager’s bane!

Talk about MROI (Marketing Return on Investment) greatly distresses/annoys a marketing manager. That is because in most cases, in marketing, it is so difficult to measure one. Basically, a return on investment is calculated by comparing initial costs with expected benefits. In marketing, the costs are obvious, which is investment in marketing execution. However, the benefits can get hazy. When marketing via multiple channels, it can be hard to point out sometimes which channel led the consumer to make a purchase decision. The ongoing analysis is…

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Incidence Rate in Marketing Research

There are various steps you have to follow when you undertake a market research project. After the problem is defined and the approach to the problem is developed, you sit down to formulate a research design. When it comes to quantitative analysis, the very basic and yet, the most important factor is the “Incidence Rate”. According to Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation, Incidence Rate is defined as the rate of occurrence or the percentage of persons eligible to participate in the study. Incidence rate is…

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