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Incidence Rate in Marketing Research

There are various steps you have to follow when you undertake a market research project. After the problem is defined and the approach to the problem is developed, you sit down to formulate a research design. When it comes to quantitative analysis, the very basic and yet, the most important factor is the “Incidence Rate”. According to Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation, Incidence Rate is defined as the rate of occurrence or the percentage of persons eligible to participate in the study. Incidence rate is…

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Executing on a marketing plan – Do we limit ourselves?

We all have big ideas. Frankly, in my opinion, we are all creative and can come up with great ideas. However, when it comes to execution – do we limit ourselves? Through this post, I try to dissect what exactly makes a great execution. I think a great execution starts with first of all, believing in that idea 100%. You have to remove any doubts of it being any less. You have to speak about it and be proud of it. Most importantly, you have to…

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