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YouTube – A Life Hack!

I have been a huge fan of YouTube since years now. It started as me following make-up videos and now, I pretty much look up on YouTube for everything! From cooking videos, fitness videos to career and spiritual videos…YouTube has it all. Of course, who can forget the children’s videos?! Recently, I discovered a way to watch YouTube video as well as not waste my time watching it. Call it a Life Hack if you will. So here it goes… I love going to the gym…

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Just Famous – Viral Videos

The following factors have given rise to the proliferation of “viral videos”: Penchant for reality TV Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo that enable hosting of such videos possible Social Media platforms that make instantly sharing videos possible They generate what you call as “Instant Fame” and some are successfully able to bank on that due to the visibility these videos gain. Flash mob dance, animal videos, child videos, adventure videos, singing videos and many more are in the news all the time! Companies too are…

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