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Women in marketing-business

Women in Business

The theme for August is women portrayed in advertising. However, I digress a little bit here to talk about the women behind the lens. There are many women who have inspired me and are great leaders in themselves. They fight the odds and reach goals – day in and day out. The fact that they are so different from one another makes them even more endearing to me. So here is my list (in no particular order): Indra Nooyi Oprah Winfrey Barbara Walters Sheryl Sandberg…

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Targeting Women in Advertising

Targeting Women? Think Again!

This is my very first write-up in the series on “Women portrayed in Advertising”. Researching for this topic has been a lot of fun! It was, at the same time, an eye opener and very inspirational. My research overall led to one conclusion – It is NOT easy targeting the women segment. Here’s why… While men’s role and interests have been pretty much straightforward, women have evolved greatly over the years (and they do change roles in their own lifespan). In advertising, women have been portrayed either as the…

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Wholesome Solutions LLC

August Theme Reveal

Hi Everyone! This time I am glad I am not beginning my blog with the – “Its been long that I have blogged” statement. That is because I did blog in July on Small and Medium Businesses. Though there weren’t as many blogs as I would have liked, still four a month is better than none! Right? Choosing a theme helped and it really does narrow down the scope of topics for me, in a good way. So the theme for August is…Women as portrayed in Advertising. I…

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