Communication Maestro – Can you guess who?

This communication genius has inspired me a lot in my marketing career. It is people like him that make marketing so much fun for me. Can you guess who he might be?

Clue No. 1 – The banner of this post – New York City


Clue No.2 – The heart sign ♥

Yes, the mastermind behind the “I ♥ NY” campaign!


It was 2012 when I visited NYC. I loved the hustle and bustle of the city and it reminded me of my own hometown – Mumbai, India. However, one thing very distinctly stood out for me – how well the city itself is branded!

Everywhere you go, you see the I ♥ NY paraphernalia. In fact, I too, am a proud owner of such a coffee mug. I researched about this slogan and was very amazed, impressed and inspired.


Turns out the mastermind behind this slogan is the celebrated graphic designer, Milton Glaser.  He designed this logo in 1977 for the New York State Department of Commerce to promote tourism in New York city (NYC).


In one of his biographies, he explains his justification behind the way the logo was designed. He mentioned that since he was a young child, he was always impressed by the harmony of alphabets in words. He loved the fact that his first and last name were both six letters.  He could stack his first and last name evenly. He based the symmetry of the NY logo on that liking. As far as the “♥” symbol is concerned, he said people tend to remember things when they have to give it a little thought. So instead of the word “love”, he inserted the ♥ which makes it more memorable in comparison.

I think it is a fascinating story of how the branding of our beloved NYC came about!

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6 thoughts on “Communication Maestro – Can you guess who?”

  1. How interesting! I will think of this blog the next time I will see the I heart NY sign! Cool stuff Bhavita! 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful little story. Yes, marketing can create eternal memories… I think you should consider planning your next trip to NY in May 😉

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