Great Read – Unlabel by Marc Ecko

I came across this book at a perfect time in my career. I had just started my own marketing consulting business and was thinking about how best to present myself to the business world. Should I present myself as an engineer or as a product marketing expert? Should I present myself as a creative type or more of a business person?

This book gave me answers to my questions and more!


Marc Ecko calls his book, Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out, as the “business book for the creative class”. However in my opinion, this is also a great book for business people wanting to tap into their dormant creative side.

Starting out in your own business, you struggle with how you can turn your authentic self into a brand. In fact, should you be your authentic self or should you project an image of a predetermined persona?

Marc has been successful in his journey of going from a creative high school kid to building a billion dollar brand. In this book, his journey is broken down into nuggets of wisdom and strategies for identifying and crossing the hurdles and gatekeepers that come in the way. The book is laid out as a formula for building a brand and you can pick up any piece of that equation and learn more about that piece in detail.

Concluding, his teaching of building a brand from grassroots is what branding textbooks should be made of.

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6 thoughts on “Great Read – Unlabel by Marc Ecko”

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Patricia. You will find lot of tips on branding and building a business in this book.

  1. Thanks for the reco. It would be great if you could also share some of your key takeaways from your reading.

    Love reading all your blogs. Keep it up!

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