June Favorites 2014

It is July, which means it is time for me to write down things I have loved using in June. Time flies when you are having fun and with longer days in June, it gave us a chance to be outdoors more often and enjoy the sunny evenings!

  1. Graco joggergraco-fastaction-fold-joggerThe first product which has been my favorite this past month is  my Graco Jogger. It is very decently priced and runs like a charm with the baby hardly feeling any shocks from the bumpy road. Having used some generic strollers before, this is totally worth the extra investment. I highly recommend it!
  2. Zingo – Our friends know we are huge fans of board games. Ever since my daughter turned 2, I have been looking for a game that we can play as a family with her. zingoLast month I came across Zingo and it is the perfect board game for families with toddlers! It is very simple to play – in fact we hardly had to “teach” our almost 3 year old to play it. She instantly got it and we played it straight out of the box. You can make it more complicated as you go or you can keep it simple. If you have a 3+ year old, you have to try this game!
  3. Google docsGoogle DriveI was thinking about the third thing that I have loved in June when my laptop almost froze and was about to shut down. It does some crazy things sometimes and seriously has a mind of its own! My instant thought goes to all the things that are open on my laptop, including this article I am writing. Google Drive is a blessing for an entrepreneur since now I keep everything backed up in the cloud. There you go – Bhavita 1, Laptop 0.

What things are you loving this summer? I would love to know. Maybe I can try them too.

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