May Favorites 2014

I thought, as a marketer, blogger and a mom of a toddler, it would be interesting to reflect on the products I have used the most in the past month. Here are my top 3 products I loved using in the month of May:

1. Kashi BarsKashiThis bar always comes very handy. I throw some in my purse and always have them accessible. I prefer to eat fruits when I am in need of a snack, but many times these Kashi bars with their granola and chocolate chips help in curbing hunger and providing an instant energy boost. Also, with a huge pack available at Costco, it is easy to buy in bulk for a reasonable price.

2. Sony NEX-5N: For my blog, I decided to use my own pictures, rather than purchasing any stock photos online. This has provided me an opSony-NEX-5Nportunity to study the different features of this camera, and I love it even more now. It is a pocket-sized camera (almost, slightly larger), with the convenience of a point-n-shoot camera and all the features of a professional DSLR including an interchangeable lens feature. I get great professional-looking pictures easily every time, be it indoors or outdoors.

3. Sketchers: One of the best pair of shoes I have ever owned aSkechersre the Asics gel shoes. However, after using them for close to a year, I was ready for a change. I was skeptical when I bought the Sketchers lightweight, however I am loving them so far. They look great, have the trendy neon pink color but not too much. They are extremely light-weight, fit well and a pleasure to work out in.

Which products have you been using a lot lately?

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6 thoughts on “May Favorites 2014”

  1. I loved these three products that you mentioned esp the kashi bars… They look yummy and are healthy! It’s really difficult to look at an apple with one eye and chips with other and then not choose the chips… But kashi bars are looking pretty inviting. Just recently read the benefits of chia seeds. Thinking of buying some. And love your “will take my own pic” concept….!

  2. Thank you Sangeeta. Chia is very good for health, rich in omega-3. They are very much in fashion here these days. 🙂

    1. Its nice to know that you find some time for working out even after being “a marketer, blogger and a mom of a toddler”

  3. Thank you Rushabh for being a fan of the posts. New post is up now. 🙂 You get an early preview before it is announced tomorrow.

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