My Favorite Productivity Tools For Business Owners

My Top 5 Favorite Productivity Tools

When you are an owner of a small business, there is always so much to do! Following are my top five favorite productivity tools that help me increase (or improve) the number of tasks I am able to conquer in a day.

1. Routine

I love to-do lists. But long to-do lists are overwhelming sometimes. It helps when you have a routine set. A routine reduces the decisions you have to make in a day and leaves you with more energy to accomplish important tasks. It will take some effort (in some cases, to be frank, quite an effort!) to set-up a routine, but once a routine is set, you will be amazed at the things you are able to do almost on auto-pilot.

2. Measure

This is the philosophy I learned at my first job – “You cannot improve what you cannot measure”. When you measure the time spent doing things, you can then set to improve that time. It also applies to quantity, quality or any other area you are trying to improve.

3. Leave Pefectionism Behind

I suffer greatly in the pursuit of perfection. Trying to achieve perfection is a noble cause, however it greatly hinders your ability to do more things. The saying, “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good” is very true.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo in her excellent book, “Better Than Perfect” describes perfectionism as, “a tendency to set standards that are unreasonably high and to measure an individual’s worth in terms of ability to meet these standards.”

So leave perfectionism behind and focus on doing good!

4. Look at the big picture

This is related to “Leaving Perfectionism Behind”. Instead of obsessing about a certain task, it is better to focus on the big picture. What really matters in the long run?

5. Celebrate success

I am guilty of not doing this enough. Instead of regretting the things you did not do in a day, celebrate the tasks you were able to accomplish. Accomplish big things, one small task at a time.

What are other strategies that help to accomplish more? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to know!


4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Productivity Tools”

  1. Yes they are required to achieve success.
    How would you deal with it if you are already a succesful person.
    Remember to be perfect you lose your creativity.
    You have to be innovative and keep thinking new ideas to be more effective in the way you do business.
    Now we celibrate birthdays but we fail to celibrate success.
    Hiren has won back a large customer from the competitor at a heavy cost.He momentary feels to celibrate but the resposibilities to execute the works overshadows the thought of having a party.Cheers.

    1. Thank you Pratap Uncle. Congratulations to Hiren on getting the contract. I agree – the execution part is as important as getting the contract. All the best to him! We shall celebrate soon together. Cheers!

  2. I completely agree with what you say about celebrating success! It would be so much better if I could be happy about the 8 things I did rather than the 2 I did not!

    1. Yes Ankita, we need to celebrate our successes no matter how small. The good vibes from celebrating will keep us going…

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