News – How do you keep track?

I remember the typical morning in our home when we were kids. While we got ready for school, my parents spent at least an hour reading the newspapers.

These days, generally there are no newspapers delivered home. Also, reaching for the phone first thing in the morning is not a great idea since you tend to get carried into social networks and completely miss the news.

So, how do you keep track of the news on a daily basis?

I have subscribed to the news alerts via the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and TIME. They are delivered to my Inbox and I scan through them whenever I get a chance. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times are very good at delivering day by day news and even News Alerts. I generally am aware of Breaking News immediately, thanks to these alerts. TIME generally provides a digest of news based on category. For example, there is a Parenting digest containing news on latest in parenting. I consider that a good mix that works for me.

I tend to check my emails multiple times a day and every time I have a chance of catching up on the news. At least once or twice a day I end up reading the news thoroughly, once I have sent the email I was supposed to send.

Other way I keep up with the news is via the “What’s trending” feature on Facebook and Twitter.  Though what is popular might not always intersect with whats important, they do provide a peek into what people are talking about.

There are various news apps for tablets and mobiles such as Flipboard, but these apps have never worked for me. I find I never reach out to a tablet for the news and even when I do, I get carried away into other (read more fun!) apps.

How do you stay aware of the news on a daily basis? What strategy has worked for you? Is there a daily routine or you catch-up on an ad-hoc basis?

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