Oh My! – Mistakes

Well, we all make mistakes.  The best mistakes are when we learn from them. This blog post though is not about my mistakes! (That’s a post for some other day!) I am talking about companies that make mistakes and then some even do learn from them.

The example that comes to mind is of McDonald’s. McDonald’s has been in the news lately for under performance and a host of other issues, including leadership issues.

The biggest mistake, in my opinion, the company is making is in the food options. A recent post by the author Kathy Freston makes it clear.


It seems IKEA now has, in its all US locations, added Veggie alternative to its meatballs menu. On the other hand, McDonald’s still has not committed to a veggie option. If a furniture company can change with the times, what is stopping a fast food company to add more veggie options?

Mistakes are part of running an organization, however learning from them makes all the difference.

I am sure there are countless examples/case studies out there that show:

  1. Mistakes made by companies
  2. Steps taken to correct them

Why do so many companies then still face familiar problems even today? That is because so many companies such as McDonald’s refuse to acknowledge them.

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4 thoughts on “Oh My! – Mistakes”

  1. Historically US is a meat eating country.But you will be surprised to know that many americans have gone veggie.
    When jyoti and self travelled to Bankgong/Singapore they had limited options for veggie.
    Singapore was worst.They could not serve veggie soup as all the stock for soup was made from Non Ve g ingredients.
    Probably they are making more profit selling meatballs instead of Veggie Balls.

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback, uncle! Yes, I agree many are turning veggie. In my opinion, even if you sell a veggie burger at cost it would have many people walking into the door. Once a family is visiting a restaurant, they don’t stop at only food. They generally buy drinks, smoothie, coffee/tea, desert, etc. So there are many ways to make up for profits.
    I also agree, Singapore is the same. Very few pure vegeteranain options. Hopefully, we will see more veggie options around the world soon as “veggie = healthy for body and the planet” message spreads!

  3. The problem is that some big and old companies are risk averse and move a bit late. Nokia and other mobile come to mind immediately. As Mr Modi has rightly said the companies should look at roadblocks and changes as opportunities.

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