Qualitative Analysis vs Quantitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis generally consists of a study of a research problem the client is facing. The data is limited and as the name suggests more “qualitative”. The research is generally exploring the why and how of the problem at hand.

Quantitative Analysis, on the other hand, consists of studying a statistically significant data and coming to a conclusion on the specific answers to the questions.

One would generally assume that since quantitative analysis deals with huge amounts of data, it is superior than qualitative study. This has been my experience too meeting with prospective clients.

However that is not always true.

Qualitative Analysis sometimes actually provides better answer than Quantitative Analysis. Qualitative analysis enables the researcher to research an issue or a subject from all angles and do a through review of a situation.

Sure quantitative analysis is great when you are looking for certain specific answers. However, what if you are asking the wrong questions?

That is the reason, I always recommend that first a qualitative analysis is done of the situation and the problem, the problem defined clearly and then a quantitative analysis is done for the specific answers.

This approach would make sure the huge investment done in quantitative analysis is worth it!

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3 thoughts on “Qualitative Analysis vs Quantitative Analysis”

  1. Dear all
    The amount spent on Research in india is very minimal.The study conducted by the government is outdted by the time it is published.Take the popolation studies.
    Every ten years the bovt. is supposed to take a census and declare the actual population of the country.Let us take the study from 2001 then 2011 and then in 2012.
    We may be having arhe fugures of 2001 .2011 figiures may come in later.
    All the planning is done on 2001 figures or estimated figures of 2011.
    But the current population may be much more.At an average increase of 2.5% even the population doubles in 40 Years.But actually it is doubling in 20 years.
    In 1971 Bangladesh War the border was thrown open and more than a million refugees had entered then.So now we may be having almost 3 million Bangladeshis who are not accounted by us but their offsprings have become Indian citizens By Virtue of having a birth certificate. Ration card.Address proof and AAdhar Identification.
    Similarly we have a porous Border with Burma.Burmese immigrants cross the border with impunity.All the terrorist Groups have a safe passage to Burma and operate against indians from There.This results in Immigrant popualation exceeding the local Population.
    Armed with Birth certificate and pther ID proofs they alkso merge with the local populace and demand equal rights from the government by virtue of numbers.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg.Every Pakistani comes to Kashmir and marries an Indian Kashmiri girl and this creates a population in Kashmir which is anti Indian.
    All aid to Kashmir should be so channelised that the original residents and pro Indian population should be helped.
    All Kasmiri Pandits of Kashmir should be resttled in large numbers.
    Cluster development of 2000 Sq metres colonies must be created and made for them with houses/Shops and business opportunities at Government Cost.
    We have the land records and we know who has helped themselves with land and houses of Indian Pandits.This is the only opportunity BJP will ever get to resettle Indian Hindu Population of Jammu and Kashmir.
    The state should immediately bre divided in 3 parts.Jammu Kashmir and Leh Ladakh should Become Union Teritory.Hindus should be induced to settle in Leh ladakh with Land/
    Shops and Business opportunity for Indian Hindu Populace.
    I hope thgis throws much light on Conditions in Kashmir.
    I was also a victim of Partition in 1947 when we became Independent and migrated from Karachi to Mumbai.
    Thanks and regards

  2. Dear Bhavita
    I have given your Intro to My School Friend.
    His name is sudha Tamang.
    He is writer of Historical Books.
    His father had written a book on Tibet and Hindustan.
    He needs some assistance for publishing the book.
    He wants to know how to go about it.
    Thanks and best regards

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