Reporting Softwares – Need your input!

There are hundreds of analysis and reporting softwares out there. Which one do you use in your business or company?

The following are the ones I am aware of and have either used in the past or am using currently.

  • Excel (and others in the Microsoft Office suite)
  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL server reporting
  • Oracle Reports
  • Survey Monkey
  • SPSS
  • Tableau BI (Have frequently heard of my friends in Business Intelligence use it)

Each of these is a subject of study in its own and I won’t go into the details as you can learn about each on the internet. A comprehensive list of reporting softwares available out there can be found in the link below:


My main goal of this blog post is to know new reporting softwares companies use. So if you use or know a good one, do let me know in the comment below or on Facebook or Twitter! If I get many responses via multiple sources, I will update the post with a consolidated list.

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2 thoughts on “Reporting Softwares – Need your input!”

  1. Dear Bhavita
    You can see what progress hiren has achieved in the last two years.
    He has to upgrade his Website.I am not aware of any of the softwares you mention except Microsoft Excel or Office.
    I am sure your suggestions to see other softwares abt reporting would be most usefull.
    We need a software to find out who visited our website so we can follow up for additonal business.
    Any enquiry we get needs to be addressed to find out how many enquiries were converted to orders and reasons why did not procure the order.This would be some type of reporting
    software we need and which would be most appropriate for our type of work.
    Recently he has been appointed as International Reseller for Marine Shell Products world wide.
    This has to be stated prominently in all his area of communication to customers and others.
    Thanks and best regards

    1. Thank you very much for your reply, uncle. It is indeed great news that Hiren is now International Reseller for Marine Shell Products! If he has not already, I would highly recommend that he use Microsoft Access to create a database of all the leads and customers. With MS Access, you can create records of all people you come in contact with and the status on each. It generally comes along with the Microsoft Office package.
      More information can be found here:

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