With Wholesome Solutions, you can be sure your projects are handled with the most efficient approach.  We mainly work with digital media channels to get the most out of your marketing investment. Everything at Wholesome Solutions is tracked, analyzed and measured! 

You can depend on us to take care of the following areas for your company.

Marketing Research
Qualitative, quantitative, secondary, user experience, competitor and pricing research for various marketing initiatives.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy recommendations based on analysis of existing market data using segmentation, targeting and positioning techniques.

New Media/Digital Marketing
Project execution, maintenance and analysis of digital marketing initiatives undertaken by client companies

Sales Promotion
Strategy and execution of sales promotion techniques, especially via modern digital channels leading to efficient execution and measurable MROI.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Software for Market Research – SQL, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and various other reporting databases.

Software for Digital Marketing – WordPress, Buffer, HootSuite and tools for SEO.

Consulting with our clients and executing on plans require us to have exceptional presentation and communication skills, ease of working with computers and adaptability of working with and analyzing various software tools and databases.

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