Social Media: Use it but get it right!

In this day and age, marketing via social media is considered a priority. Social Media is a very valid strategy and the advantages are many:

  • In fact, it is the only strategy that is not only cost effective but also the fastest. Within seconds, you can reach millions of fans/customers.
  • You can generate awareness, spread a message, create promotions, help customers all resulting in increased brand value, sales generation and customer retention.

However, where it goes really wrong is in the execution. Most accounts eventually become showcase, “we have a presence” accounts. The effective accounts are those that go a step further and do something about the attention they are attracting.

This is true for both small and large businesses. While small businesses do a good job of creating a presence in social media, most fail miserably in making the readers end up on their website which is where they sell their things. Say for example, a fitness coach. On Instagram, they would show difficult exercise routines that they can do and that they recommend you do to lose weight. However, they could go a step further and describe their diets/workout routines in detail on their websites and route the customers from Instagram to their website. This way, if they are consultants, provide their contact information and if they sell personal gear, sell them on their website. Moreover, they have to repeat this process for every single Instagram post and not just one or two.

For large businesses, the challenge is in humanizing their social media presence which the small businesses excel at. Just mechanical news feeds are easier for companies to maintain but do nothing to create a bond with the customer.

A recent article in Fortune titled “Papa’s Got a Brand-New ‘Tag”, confirms the challenges companies face in leveraging social media.

“We were not properly strategizing and using our social efforts in the brand’s favor” says Adrienne Lofton, Dockers chief marketing officer in the latest issue of Fortune, March 17, 2014 .

Say for example, product release news make good feeds and are necessary to let customers know of the arrival of new products. However, if the target market is the youth and if you do an event at certain colleges, then in my opinion those pictures and stories should be up there on the social media.

Overall, it is necessary to go a step further and execute well when it comes to social media before you cry out “MROI?!”

What are other things companies (both big and small) can do to leverage on their social media presence?

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2 thoughts on “Social Media: Use it but get it right!”

  1. Great article, I too have been on various me-too pages on facebook for businesses. These pages leave a lot to be desired of especially when you associate the brand to be young and dynamic.

  2. Very well said Rushabh. The scope to showcase effectively is a lot more when it comes to a brand that targets the young!

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