User Experience in Mobile Phones

User experience (UX) is a very critical area when it comes to everyone’s favorite device these days – the mobile phones. Apple has certainly laid down a benchmark for exceptional user experience and Android devices are now are trying to match the UX and are providing equally competitive phones.

User experience in basic terms is defined as overall experience of the user using the end product.

Cnet has expertise in reviewing phones and provided a few years ago a great article on the essential elements along which they review phones. They are:

  • Design and Usability
  • Processor Speed
  • Battery Life
  • Call Quality
  • Data Speeds
  • Overall Speed and Handling
  • Photo and Video Quality

I would update this list to put Photo and Video quality higher than Overall Handling and add “Environmental Factors” to the Battery Life point there. Picture Quality has huge bragging rights these days and at the same time, Battery discussion now happens, even at the end user level, along side how it impacts the environment. [Did you read the recent news on Apple buying a forest to contribute to the environment? – Click here to read this article.]

However, I think it is a comprehensive list along which any end user would experience a mobile phone and the benchmarks all cell phone companies need to meet.

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