What is Watson Analytics?

Did you see the recent commercial of IBM’s Watson Analytics?

Yes, it’s the same Watson Intelligence software that beat Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in Jeopardy in 2011!

IBM made available Watson Analytics to the end user around Dec 2014.  The two key points about IBM Watson Analytics is that it is:

  1. Data Analytics and Reporting software in the cloud
  2. Based on the “Freemium” model

The key capability of Watson Analytics is that it has an ability to understand language and hence a complex technical query is NOT required to mine a database! It really changes the future of analytics and database mining. That would also mean that not just developers but all end users will easily be able to use the analytics and reporting software behind Watson Analytics. For example, IBM provides schools, policemen and veterinarians as use cases.

In my research for this software, the reviews have been generally good and all reviewers of the Watson Analytics gave a good overall rating on all fronts – analysis, mining and reporting!



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