YouTube – A Life Hack!

I have been a huge fan of YouTube since years now. It started as me following make-up videos and now, I pretty much look up on YouTube for everything! From cooking videos, fitness videos to career and spiritual videos…YouTube has it all. Of course, who can forget the children’s videos?!

Recently, I discovered a way to watch YouTube video as well as not waste my time watching it. Call it a Life Hack if you will. So here it goes…


I love going to the gym but the Television in front of the gym always has news channel running! It is so depressing to watch the news while working out. It is like you turn a fun thing (running) to be a punishment almost.

According to Vegetarian Times, researchers at Cornell University found that people who viewed their exercise as “fun” ate less afterward than those who thought of their workout as, well, a workout. Thinking of exercise as a chore can lead to feeling less happy about the experience and, in turn, less dietary restraint afterward.

So, I watch YouTube videos while on the treadmill. Make-up and fitness videos are very refreshing for me while on the treadmill! It makes running even more fun and I have significantly increased the number of times I go to the gym now. It is initially awkward when someone peeks into your phone and you are watching YouTube videos, however as long as you are on your headphones and not disturbing anyone, it should perfectly be fine.

Secondly, since I get my daily dose of YouTube on the treadmill, I hardly watch it any other time of the day. Its a double win for me!

So, when it comes to YouTube, watch it while you are moving about and don’t watch it any other time!

My point is – ideally you should be running outside, getting in fresh air. If, however, you are stuck to the treadmill, there is a more motivating option than the boring news TV!

3 thoughts on “YouTube – A Life Hack!”

  1. I love YouTube but do find myself losing a lot of time when I start playing music videos. It’s such a great site.

    Thank you for sharing and good luck with the rest of the challenge. One day to go 🙂

    1. Thank you David for your comment. I say that if you play music videos, all the more better to play it in the gym! 🙂 YouTube is a great platform!

      Thanks, enjoyed blogging through the month. All the best to you too!

  2. Great idea… maybe it will motivate me to hit the gym! I HATE TREADMILLS. In the hot mumbai summers, running outside is out of question. Anyways I am not keen to exercise so the flimsiest excuse works 🙂 I love swimming though… which is more of a weekend thing for me

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