ZATZ-it! – Can you guess who said it?

Book lovers and parents can probably tell who he is! Of course, as always, the banner provides the clue – or should I say the answer?


Yes, this person is Dr. Seuss! ZATZ is the word he used when he wrote on innovation and it goes like this…


And ZATZ is the letter
I use to spell ZATZ-it
Whose nose is so high
that ‘most nobody pats it…
So, to get there and do it,
I built an invention:
The Three-Seater Zatz-it
Nose-Patting Extension
-On Beyond Zebra



Love Dr. Seuss and his books! His writing has lot of wisdom in it, is lot of fun to read with kids but I think most of all, all his writing is very positive no matter what he is talking about!

With that, I finish my AtoZ blogger challenge. What a fun, challenging experience this was. I would still continue blogging and this challenge made me more aware of how much I enjoy writing. But for now, ZATZ-it!

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2 thoughts on “ZATZ-it! – Can you guess who said it?”

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